Melecon 2010

Last week I attended the Melecon 2010 conference, held in Valetta, Malta. I presented my work on content insertion into H.264 compressed video. It is covered in this article:
Fast H.264 Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Transcoder with B-Slices and Direct Mode Support“.
H.264, an ITU standard for video coding, has become increasingly popular, offering solutions for many applications requiring video compression. In some of these applications there is a need to insert content into an already compressed video. This operation incurs high computational cost if a naïve approach is taken. Therefore, a concept of reusing encoding information, called “Guided Encoding”, was developed in the Signal and Image Processing Lab at the Technion. In this project, we extended this technique and applied “Guided Encoding” to the Main Profile of H.264 to support features such as Bi-directional prediction, weighted prediction and Direct encoding mode. The result is a set of recommendations and algorithmic pointers, as well the implementation of the proposed solution within the H.264 reference software. Evaluation of our solution has shown a significant improvement in run-time compared to the naive approach.

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