Glass Goggles

So I was naive to purchase Google Glass, hoping that everyone around would want one soon enough. In the meantime I wanted to try to develop something for it, something somewhat useful.  I thought it would be cool if I could walk around, look at something and Google Glass would tell me what is it I’m looking at.
Since Google Goggles (the Android app) service doesn’t have an open API, I decided to use Google’s “search by image” service.

The result is a Glass application that captures a photo using the Camera, uploads it to a temporary storage such that the URL is accessible to Google’s search by image. It then parses the retrieved results and annotates the image with the leading guess provided by Google. Here are two examples, one is for a poster of Daft Punk DJ’ing, and the other is a poster of Hokusai’s “Great Wave” painting (with Mount Fuji in the background of course).

daftpunk hokusai


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